Virtue Player Sponsorship Registration T25

IMPORTANT: Make Sure you Register for an Account First and Include your Team Name

Once you've registered for an account, login to your account and then add this "product" to the cart and purchase it to Register for your Sponsorship Pricing.

The full value of the deposit PLUS a 5€ bonus (25€ total) will be credited to your account automatically -- and your account will be updated with your custom team sponsorship discount. Every time you login afterwards using your account details, and your team pricing for all products will be displayed.

By Registering as a Sponsored Player, you agree to the following terms and conditions as a Virtue Sponsored Player or your account and/or benefits will be closed:

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

As part of the Virtue team, you are expected to uphold this reputation by helping other players, promoting Virtue, and maintaining a high level of good sportsmanship.


This sponsorship offer and its terms are strictly confidential. You may refer  teams directly to Virtue, but pricing or other terms should not be discussed outside of your team. No pricing discussions are permitted with other players, teams, or stores. The purpose of providing sponsorship discounts to teams is to reduce the financial burden on frequently practicing/competing teams and increase awareness and sales through retail sales channels.

Sponsorship Pricing Benefits

  • 25% off any Virtue product
  • 25% off any Bunkerkings product
  • Additional 5% Rewards (account credit) on all online purchases

No Sharing of Accounts or Reselling Product

Players may not share sponsorship accounts with other players for convenience or other reasons. Because of the confidential, discounted nature of sponsorship products, we need track individual purchases to each player. Additionally, sponsorship product may not be sold for a period of 1 year after purchase.

Paint Discounts at Events or for Practice

Virtue teams have discounted event paint or practice paint available at select events and practice locations around the world. These discounts are not guaranteed, but are offered as a result of a cross promotional agreement between Virtue and other brands. Further details cannot be discussed until after a team has signed on with Virtue.

Social Media Agreement

All team members Like and Follow the Virtue Facebook Page in either Europe or the USA, depending on where you are located and Follow our Instagram page.

Each team member requests to join our Athlete group on Facebook, where all Virtue sponsored Athletes, including from professional players to scenario teams can network and discuss ideas, events, or products: 

Promotional Requirements

  • All teams are required to promote Virtue on any websites, banners, or other promotional materials, and jerseys using the Virtue logo (link).
  • Any teams using Bunkerkings products in addition to Virtue must add the Bunkerkings logo (link) to their jerseys, and websites, banners, and other promotional materials.

Product Review

Your knowledge and understanding of paintball can help other customers decide which products they purchase. All players will receive review requests via email following a purchase. Each player must provide an honest and informative review for other customers.

Length of Sponsorship

Agreement is valid from the date this registration product is submitted until the end of two consecutive seasons in the calendar year of the submission date. Or unless terminated earlier per the Terms below.

Gear Use Requirements

  • The entire team must use either Virtue or Bunkerkings goggles (VIO, or CMD)
  • The entire team must use either Virtue or Bunkerkings loaders (Spire or CTRL). 
  • The entire team must use either Virtue or Bunkerkings pod packs.
  • The entire team must use either Virtue or Bunkerkings pants.
  • The entire team must use either Virtue or Bunkerkings protective gear.
  • No products conflicting with Virtue or Bunkerkings products should be used, promoted, or worn by the team or team members without prior notification and approval by Virtue. 
  • If the team is unable to use any of the required gear, please contact Virtue directly first to discuss which products your team requests an exemption for. 

    Product Requests

    Orders will must be prepaid via bankwire, credit card, or paypal. Standard UPS shipping charges will apply. Orders and sponsorship pricing cannot be guaranteed at events and are limited to stock on hand. Rush orders or custom jersey timelines cannot be guaranteed. Please plan ahead. Specific models cannot always be guaranteed and are limited to stock available.

    Other Terms

    From time to time, Virtue may invite our sponsored teams to test products before they are released. Any beta-testing is strictly confidential. Virtue may also run retail sales pricing. Team pricing discounts will typically not be applied on top of retail sale pricing. Pricing, rewards, and discounts both retail and sponsorship is subject to change. Some products, especially at launch may be unavailable to sponsored teams. Any attempts at abusing the program, website, or other improper conduct as a sponsored player will result in account closure and forfeiture of benefits and/or points.