VIRTUE's mission is to make performance products that are built to win. Ensuring a great fit between the VIRTUE brand and our Dealers who represent VIRTUE is critical to our mutual success. To maintain Active Dealer status the following must be complied with: presentation of the VIRTUE brand, third party reselling policy, order frequency/ amount, minimum advertised price and payment terms.

Please carefully read the policies below and contact your sales representative with any questions.

Order Frequency and Amount. The minimum initial order amount for new VIRTUE Dealers is $1000. To maintain active status dealers must place a minimum of two orders per year with a total that exceeds $500.

Presentation of the Brand. VIRTUE is committed to providing Dealers with tools to drive sales. VIRTUE products presented online or in print must show the current product images and descriptions found in our Dealer Resources section. All VIRTUE products must be identified with the VIRTUE brand name and the current product name (i.e.“VIRTUE Spire III 280 Loader - Black”). In-store presentation is critical to the success of the product. Where VIRTUE promotional materials and/or signage is provided, VIRTUE Dealers agree to make use of them. We recommend when possible to display all VIRTUE products together.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). VIRTUE has instituted and supports an MSRP designed to assist our dealers in the pricing and sale of VIRTUE products.

Minimum Advertising Price (MAP). With the institution of an MSRP, VIRTUE views it's MAP as a sales promotional tool on select products and not as an every day "list price". VIRTUE expects that all VIRTUE products, except as otherwise noted, will not be advertised below MAP, and further that dealers will only list at (or below via the combo policy) MAP when giving special attention to the product as a sale or promotions.

VIRTUE, at its unilateral discretion, will not do business with VIRTUE Dealers who violate or consistently advertise all or most products at MAP. VIRTUE in good faith considers the MAP to be a sales promotion guideline, not an all-time list price.

MAP Combo Policy. Because some products make perfect sense to combine and sell with other products, the best time to make an additional sale is when the customer is already spending money. For this reason, VIRTUE permits additional advertised price reductions of its products when combined with other items.

Any VIRTUE product can be combined for sale and advertised at a discount with any other VIRTUE product (or non-VIRTUE marker) provided the combined total of the lowest priced item’s MAP is not advertised for more than a 25% discount. Up to 3 discounted items can be combined with one full priced item. 

Dealers have flexibility with how and when they display and present their sales promotions; the promotion does not need to be presented to the consumer as 25% off MAP, but rather discounts can be "stacked" relative to the MSRP for a larger sales impact to the consumer.

For instance, by utilizing the difference between listing at MSRP and discounting combo products up to 25% below MAP, attractive sales combinations such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free can be offered. 

MSRP & MAP PROMOTIONAL EXAMPLES. The following examples serve as a guide, but dealers have flexibility and creativity in defining their own options so long as the overall advertised price is not less than the MAP of the highest price item and 25% off the MAP of up to 3 lessor or equal priced items. 

EXAMPLE 1: Buy 2 Get 1 Free

  • MAP on VIO Lenses: 29.95 / MSRP on VIO Lenses: 37.95
  • Utilizing the Combo MAP policy, any Virtue item can be bundled with a lessor or equal value item for up to a 25% reduction on the combined MAP for up to 3 items.
  • Another way to frame this effective discount is as a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on lenses (at MSRP). The end result is both better for the consumer and the dealer when compared to previously listing at MAP.
    • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Lenses at MSRP : 37.95 + 37.95 = $75.90 for 3 lenses
    • Compared to 25% Off Combo Price at MAP: 29.95 + 22.46 + 22.46 = $74.87 for 3 lenses.
These are great sales strategies you can advertise push slower moving inventory, to get customers into the store during slow periods, or you can design your own promotional bundles such as the following:
EXAMPLE 2: FREE Upgrade with Loader Package
  • Buy a Spire IR (at MSRP) for $124.95 (99.95MAP)
  • Buy a Spring Ramp for $11.95 (9.95MAP)
  • Buy a CrownSF II Speed Feed for $49.95 (39.95 MAP)
  • Get a FREE N-Charge Battery Pack ($49.95 MSRP)
Again, the resulting dealer sale is higher than if everything was sold via the Combo MAP policy and the consumer still gets a great deal.
The Virtue MSRP Combo MAP Spreadsheet Calculator can help you design your own sales pricing.


Additionally, stores can take advantage of MSRP and MAP pricing to offer special daily deals on products to clear out inventory at MAP pricing, which will offer your customers a good deal, while still making a great margin and abiding by MAP policies. 

For instance, listing all Virtue products at MSRP, but rotating through 1-2 products every day on your website or social media channels and list it at MAP. 
This strategy only works if you treat the MAP exactly as its intended -- as a sales promotional tool on select products and follow suit with Virtue's pricing at MSRP.

MAP Holiday Sales. VIRTUE protects the value of its brand and the profit margin of its Dealers through our MAP policy. However, to allow Dealers increased flexibility in their sales promotions and customer acquisition programs, VIRTUE will offer periodic MAP Holiday promotions, which allow authorized Dealers to buy additionally discounted products and sell them below MAP during a limited time frame. Dealers will be notified of MAP holidays in advance of the pending sale. VIRTUE products are not to be advertised at below MAP/Combo prices outside of these promotional periods. Dealers, however, have their own flexibility in crafting their own sales utilizing the MAP Combo policy and MSRP.


Marketplace Redistribution Policy (MRP). For VIRTUE dealers to keep their account in good standing, all VIRTUE products need to be removed from third party marketplaces such as Amazon. Non-current, discontinued VIRTUE products may be sold via eBay. The MRP does not apply to Base products, but does apply to Bunkerkings. Any exceptions to this policy (closeout offers, OEM products etc.) require written consent from VIRTUE. VIRTUE, at its unilateral discretion, will not do business with VIRTUE Dealers who violate the MRP. VIRTUE reserves the right to make modifications to these policies at any time.

The goal of the Marketplace Redistribution Policy (MRP) is to support growth of the retail paintball store. In effect, the VIRTUE family of products will only be sold to or on 3P Marketplaces by VIRTUE. This allows VIRTUE to support retail paintball stores with higher margins on our products.