Virtue v.Paragon Sunglasses - Polished Emerald Black

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Virtue V-Paragon Sunglasses

The Polished Emerald Black V-Paragons are styled to provide real coverage from the elements, fusing modern design with high quality optics, making them perfect for all conditions you want to throw at them. The V-Paragons are created with our subtle dual-colorway system, showing polished black exterior and finished with an emerald gloss interior across the whole body, giving a hint of depth and a translucent green glow that complements the chromatic Emerald lenses perfectly.        

The taller lens shape and thicker temples give additional sun protection, whilst the Polarized lenses are Color Neutral Chromatic Coated for unsurpassed optical clarity.  Built To Win and created to the highest Virtue standards, the V-Paragon Sunglasses will ensure 100% UV protection and comfort whilst you take on your next challenge.

Why are V-Paragons better?

With Color Neutral Chromatic Coating, you can see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. The lenses deliver greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more of the world.

See more of the action!

The V-Paragon polarization cuts glare that comes off snow, water, and asphalt. In all our lenses we precisely align the polarized layer  to filter out 99.9% of this glare for a clearer view of the action. 

  • Polarized
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Color Neutral Chromatic Coating
  • Includes Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Bag
  • Includes Padded Zipper Case w/ D-ring Hook

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