Clock III Radar Chrono Upgrade

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Trade-in your old Clock I or Clock II for the Clock III.

For information on the Clock III features and reliability enhancements, click here.

To upgrade your Clock I or Clock II follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Select the trade-in status for the Clock you will be upgrading or trading in on this page -- Clock I if you're sending in a Clock I or a Clock II if you're sending in a Clock II. Failure to select the correct trade-in unit will result in delays and additional charges.
  2. After clicking Add to Cart, select 
  3. Complete the checkout process and pay for your order.
  4. IMPORTANT: Print out a physical copy of your order receipt and include it with your trade-in Clock to the following address:
    Virtue Paintball GmbH
    Wienerstrasse 42 / 2
    2120 Wolkersdorf
    +43 720775185 
  5. In most cases it may only take a matter of days, however please allow up to four weeks for the trade-in to be completed. 
  6. Please note we will do our best to get you the color Clock III you have chosen, but in some cases substitutions may be possible.

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